SECURELY work from home

ITGL and Cisco are helping to protect organisations in the new remote working landscape with free trial licences for Umbrella, Duo, and AnyConnect with no payment details required.



What is included?

  • Block malware, C2 callbacks, and phishing. 
  • Predictive intelligence uncovers attacks before they launch.
  • Control the use of unsanctioned applications.
Cisco Duo

What is included?

  • Mitigate the risk associated with phishing attacks.
  • Protect on-premises apps and federated cloud apps.
  • Multi-Factor authentication and single sign-on for cloud apps.

What is included?

  • Provide highly secure remote VPN access from anywhere for all users.
  • Gain full visibility across the extended network.
  • Enhance your VPN access with integrated Duo MFA and Umbrella security.

About ITGL and Cisco

Cisco is the largest cybersecurity vendor in the world, topping the Canalys Cybersecurity Leadership Matrix 2019. Cisco's broad portfolio of interconnecting security products is supported by Cisco Talos: the world-leading cyber threat intelligence team.

ITGL’s expertise in multi-layered security solutions means we are accredited as a Cisco Advanced Security Architecture partner.